50 Cool Feature that will blow your mind in latest iOS 15 Updates

But beyond the headline features, Apple has also made numerous tweaks and changes to its mobile operating systems that aim to make the time you spend using your ‌iPhone‌ or ‌iPad‌ more efficient, more functional, and more enjoyable.

To that end, we’ve pulled out 50 additions and improvements to ‌iOS 15‌ and ‌iPadOS 15‌, some of which may have gone under your radar. Keep reading to refresh your memory or perhaps learn something new.

1. Copy Links From a Tab Group

If you have several websites in a Safari Tabs Group that you want to share with someone, over email or Messages, for example, you can copy all the URL links to the clipboard in the following way.

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Open the Tabs Group, tap the group’s name at the bottom of the screen, then tap Edit in the top-left of the Tab Groups card menu. Tap the circled ellipsis next to the Tabs Group in question, then select Copy Links.

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